Where To Buy A Drone

Where To Buy A Drone

Drones have become a world phenomenon in recent years. What was only a part of science fiction movies 20 years ago is now not only easy to buy but in most cases affordable for most people. Selection of drones in online stores is wide enough to cover the needs of all people. It doesn’t matter if you just want to have fun or shoot beautiful movies and pictures from above the sky, drone manufacturers have something for every need. In this article, we’ll show you where to buy a drone.

Drone Specialized Shops

Below you can find online shops that specialize in selling drones. If you are new to the topic, you should go there first. These shops have the best selection of drones with thousands of satisfied customers. As they specialize in drones only, their customer service will provide you with valuable feedback regarding buying your first drone. If you are a pro, these shops will surprise you with a selection of professional drones that can carry very heavy stuff like DSLR cameras.


Everything that flies, swims or drives on RC control is on OneDrone.com. This European based company was established in 2012 and since then it became one of the best places for drones enthusiasts. Are you new to the topic? You can choose from one of the basic models of copters. You’re a pro? Even better! OneDrone.com has tons of stuff for you. You can buy more expensive drone and drone accesories that suit your needs. If you want to you can buy parts and build your dream drone from scratch. They have it all.


A US-based company that specializes in selling drones and accessories. This company is 20 years in business, so you can guess that they know what they’re doing. Their wide offer contains thousands of aerial drones, racing drones, RC radios, gear, parts, DSLR accessories and more. Options here are limitless. If you’re lucky enough you’ll catch some great deal during their sales when selected models are discounted from 30% to 50%. Another advantage? Most packages are shipped from their US warehouse, not from China, so no excessive waiting!


No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, HobbyTron.com is for you. Their prices start at a few bucks. Here you can find and buy a cheap drone or RC toy for kids and professional heavy lifting drones that have no problem with full format DSLR cameras. Wide selection of brand includes well-known ones like DJI or Parrot, as well as less known or budget ones. In short, HobbyTron.com has something for every pocket. Recommended place to start if you don’t know where to buy a drone.

Official Drone Manufacturers

If you don’t know much about drones or just want to go with a well known and trustworthy brand these two manufacturers will suit your needs. These brands are not only good quality, but their popularity makes any future accessories easy to find. In this case, an answer to “where to buy a drone” question is simple. Just go to their official site! See links below.


This brand has become a synonym of drone. Their models like Mavic Pro, are not just popular. They are a superstar amongst other drones. With great brand comes great variety of accessories, backpacks, parts etc. With this one you’ll never run out of ideas for great fun with your drone.

So, Where To Buy A Drone?

Although buying from official distribution seems like the best idea, we advise you to give drone specialized shops a closer look. Their employees have a wide experience with a different brand and will advise on the best solutions for your current needs and budget. Using their experience as your laverage, will maximize the chance of your first drone being a super fun and reliable device.

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