Where To Buy Used iPhone

Where To Buy Used iPhone

Buying used electronics can be tricky. Buying from individual people is risky due to unknown history of the device. With used iPhone price over $1000, it might be overwhelming. Without technical knowledge, ordinary buyers can only estimate a smartphone’s condition by the look. If you want to buy used iPhone cheap and be sure of it’s condition, see our top choices.

Where To Buy Used iPhone Online?

If you want to buy carrier locked iPhone see our article:
Used iPhone for Verizon


Gazelle is one of the most popular places to buy used iPhone, but their stock is not limited to Apple’s products. They have a wide variety of Samsung smartphones, Macbooks, iPads and iMacs, so everyone will find something suitable.

iPhones are available in most popular carriers like AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile, as well as with higher memory storage capacities and all available colors. You can find used iPhones in 3 different visual conditions.

There is also an option to buy used iPhone with monthly fees, so you don’t need to pay full price up front. If you don’t know where to buy used iPhone, gazelle.com is a great place to start.


CellularCountry is yet another website where you can buy used iPhones. They do not give an option to sell, so you can be sure that all their phones were checked by their technicians personally.

You can choose from both locked and unlocked smartphones with different colors and storage capacity. The greatest advantage of CellularCountry.com is its a huge selection of iPhones in different conditions and prices.

All smartphones are described in detail and checked by CellularCountry themselves. They also give you 30-days money back guarantee and fast next day shipping within US. This is a perfect place if you don’t know where to buy used iPhone.


Swappa.com is excellent place to buy and sell your used iPhone. Just as gazelle it has large (or even larger) amount of iPhones to sell.

As a peer-to-peer marketplace, swappa.com offers people to sell their smartphones by themselves. Thanks to this amount of different phones offered, everyone can find iPhone with an accepted condition.

Swappa offers both unlocked iPhones and locked with popular carriers like Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. Availability of different colors and storage capacities is connected with users activity, so it is likely that your dream model might be unavailable.

So, Where To Buy Used iPhone?

For start, we recommend more reliable sources like Gazelle or CellularCountry. Using one of these two, you have more certainty regarding the condition of the iPhone that you are about to buy. Their wide offer should be enough for most people looking for cheap iPhone. If you still don’t know where to buy used iPhone, maybe you want to use a peer-to-peer marketplace like Swappa.com. It’s way better than buying on eBay, where there is no quality control whatsoever.

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