Where To Buy Minecraft For PC

Minecraft has been a world phenomenon over few last years and seems not to stop growing. What started as a game for children, became something more. Millions of people around the world fall in love in this simple, yet engaging game, where you can create your own reality made of small pixels. If you want to join the game today it’s not too late. See our buying options and find out where to buy Minecraft for PC.

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Game Keys Marketplaces

Popular marketplaces for game keys are the best places to buy Minecraft cheap. They have a wide variety of versions, add-ons, and extras available. Below I am presenting a few selected websites for cheap steam keys that also have Minecraft available for sale.


Buy Minecraft On Gamivo.com
New player on game keys market with very competetive prices.

Although Gamivo.com is a new kid around the block when it comes to cheap steam keys it already made a great impact on the business. This worldwide marketplace for game keys has one of the best offers on the market. Also, when it comes to prices they can brag about having best-priced steam keys on the market. It’s really worth to start here if you want to find out where to buy Minecraft On PC for cheap.


Buy Minecraft On Kinguin
Kinguin is one of the biggest marketplaces with thousands game keys available.

The one that started it all. Kinguin is second place to look for Minecraft for PC. Its impressive database of game keys will provide you with both standard version of Minecraft for PC, as well as Minecraft DLCs story modes and much more. A great amount of merchants selling there gives the opportunity to search for a good price. If you like to have a choice this is where to buy Minecraft.


Buy Minecraft on G2A.com
Bigest marketplace there is. Large amount of game titles to choose from.

So far the biggest marketplace in the Internet. If you are looking for where to buy Minecraft this is a logical choice. They offer a large stock of both standard edition and other DLCs and story mode add-ons. G2A.com is a well-established brand and has millions of happy customers who save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year.

Official Distribution

If you don’t want to buy from game keys marketplaces there is always an option to buy Minecraft from official distribution. Below you can find out where to buy Minecraft for PC from develpers and publishers related official sources.


Buy Minecraft on Instant-gaming
Another official game keys reseller with interesting discount options.

Another official reseller of Minecraft. Instant-Gaming might not have a great amount of stock on particular titles, but it’s a reliable source of many good games. It might be not the most popular place to look, but for sure it’s worth to try.


Buy Minecraft on Green Man Gaming
Official reseller of game keys. Higher prices of game keys, for better reliability.

GreenManGaming is an official reseller game keys. It has partnerships with many game developers, which gives them the upper hand over marketplaces when it comes to transactions safety. On the other hand, their stock is not as impressive as Kinguin’s or G2A’s and the prices are higher. Still, this is a great place to buy Minecraft.

So, Where To Buy Minecraft for PC?

Depending on how much money you got. Digital goods marketplaces have much lower prices due to a multivendor system. The more competition the better the prices for the customer. Also, they have very good customer service. When buying from official digital distribution the prices are higher, but the source of the keys is known from the beginning. From our experience buying game keys using marketplaces is almost as save as official distribution, so it’s usually worth the money saved.

Where To Buy Minecraft For PC

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