Where To Buy PSN Cards Cheaper In 2019

Where To Buy PSN Cards
You can buy PSN cards even 20% cheaper than on PlayStation Store!

Where to buy PSN Cards? It’s easy! You can buy them in PlayStation Store, in a local shop or from big retailers like Amazon or BestBuy. Damn, I bet they even have them in your local Target or Wal-mart.

But, what if I tell you that there is a way to buy digital PSN Card cheaper than from official sources and still 100% legit? Wouldn’t you want to buy games for 20% less? Spend $25 and buy AAA game that’s worth $30?

Sounds like a great deal, huh?

In this post, I’ll show you where to buy PSN Cards online, with instant delivery and under market price.

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Digital Marketplaces – Cheapest Places To Buy PSN Cards

Have you ever heard about marketplaces for digital goods?

If no, these sites allow users to buy and sell digital codes of any sort like steam keys, CS:GO Skins or…

Yes, you’ve guessed it! PSN Gift Cards.

So you can imagine that if these places are kind of peer-to-peer services exclusively for digital goods, they are in fact something that can be compared to Amazon or eBay.

So what in fact does it mean for you?

It’s almost 20% cheaper!

Marketplaces Offering PSN Cards

Below, you’ll find links to all marketplaces listed in this article. If you want to discover them for yourself just click and see their prices.

But, if you want to see our opinion of each of them scroll down to choose the best one.

Please note, that due to its peer-to-peer nature prices are constantly changing, so check it regularly for the best offer!

PSN Cards Offers Ranking

  1. Gamivo.com
  2. G2A.com
  3. cdKeys.com
  4. Kinguin.net


Definitive winner in PSN Cards category!

You have it all here. Low prices, very huge amount of different versions to buy.

Gamivo.com has PlayStation Network cards for all European countries, United States, United Kingdom or even Hong Kong! Each comes with all available amounts like 20, 50, 75 and 100 USD (or other values eligible for specific currency).

PSN Cards prices on Gamivo.com are on average 20% off the regular price on PlayStation Store!

Also, you can buy PlayStation Plus 365 day (or less) cards for the very competitive price and upgrade your account to PS Plus membership!


There is no doubt that G2A.com is the biggest and one of the oldest marketplaces there is, but today it has to be satisfied with second place. Why?

Although G2A.com has as good prices and as good offer as the winner, we wouldn’t be ourselves if we didn’t point out that Gamivo beats G2A with simplicity of the transaction.

Buying on G2A.com remember to choose your options wisely. We recommend that you do not buy any shield protection subscriptions etc.

Still, the prices on PlayStation Gift Cards are very competitive and below official price.


Yet another marketplace work mentioning for their very attractive prices on PSN Cards.


Although prices for PlayStation Network Cards on cdKeys.com are not so good as on the sites that took first two places in our ranking, it is still a good place to buy.

PSN Cards on cdKeys.com are still cheaper than in PlayStation Store! On average it’s 10% off the standard price. Not bad at all!

Secondly, the problem is the availability of US PS4 cards, so if you are a citizen of the country of the free, you should better be patient and check the site regularly, or just visit the competition above!


Last, but not least? Well…

Kinguin is the oldest marketplace with digital goods and very strong brand in gaming industry in general. They even have their own e-sport team!

But When it comes to PSN cards their offer is not as good as it once used to be. Today you have a big chance that you’ll find offers that are even above the official price!

So why we’re even mentioning them?

Because as we already said it’s a marketplace and offers are constantly changing. There is a big chance that some good offer will appear in near future. Also, they have a ton of sales every day. So just…

Hunt for the best offer. Visit Kinguin.net regularly and see if you can buy with a bigger discount.

Summary: Where To Buy PSN Cards Cheap?

Try Gamivo.com first. We’re sure you’ll find something interesting. They have a wide selection of PlayStation Network and PlayStation Plus cards for almost all the countries. Also, prices there are lowest.

If you want to go with a more established brand, try G2A.com. You’ll find their offer evenly attractive. Just be sure to not subscribe to any additional services.

cdKeys.com will provide you PSN Cards with average of 10%, but it often lacks US cards. Better this than nothing, right?

If you don’t want to rush with your PSN card shopping, visit Kinguin.net regularly. Maybe you’ll find some kick-ass sale!

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